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Why LearnClue?

Many of schools across the world have already started taking academic activities online — setting up classrooms, sending notes and sharing assignment prompts —many through free apps and some through customized learning management systems. ELearning is a learning environment, which uses information and communication technologies as a platform for teaching and learning activities.

It has been defined as "pedagogy empowered by technology “though 'digital technology' is more accurate. The vast majority of institutions utilize a Learning Management.

Given the improvements in delivery methods, learning environments provide a greater degree of flexibility than traditional classroom settings. We with an extensive experience in education sector has come up with a resolution.

There is a major difference classroom and online teacher-student interactions. A lot of things that are taken care of unknowingly in classrooms will need to be planned into the online scheme:
  • Lessons have to be broken down to smaller units
  • Everyday small little online tests have to be made available so that students get a concrete idea about the interaction.
  • Videos and notes have to be given for clarity and revision.
  • Online courses take place on Learning Management System, like Blackboard or Google Classroom.

"Learnclue pivotal role":

  • Teachers can have unlimited access to learning materials whenever they need them. Self-learning is easier when our teachers are able to access different kinds of materials on an LMS to suit their training course and personal preference.
  • The most obvious benefit of eLearning is that it helps to save time and money. As users can learn anytime, from anywhere, and using any device, they do not have to take time out of their current schedules for learning and training.
  • Enables instructors to conduct live sessions, Most LMS platforms come with built-in web conferencing software to organize engaging live sessions.
  • Learners can come together instantly to learn from live-streamed instructors. During the session, notes can be taken from directly inside the LMS.
  • Having a text chat allows learners to quickly communicate with their tutors and peers.
  • An LMS provides a dedicated forum that allows employees, tutors, and course administrators to start discussions and gain insights from each other. These discussions can be saved and viewed at any time.
  • Tests and assignments can be conducted within the LMS to assess if your student have understood the course.
  • Marks and submission dates can be entered along with a short description.
  • Feedback is vital to employee training and development. Constructive feedback from the instructors and managers helps employees to develop their skills better.

About LearnClue

Learnclue's synergetic learning brings compound concepts to entity and empower you to interact, engross and play with them.

Learnclue is a one-stop app for all Teachers, students & Parents to ingress edutech solutions to their educational programmers at home, while at the same instant parents and teachers to track and appraise the student’s performance.

Our curated collection of one stop technical options develop in-house expertise and satisfy teachers hunger for learning and development for the future of work.

A team of professionals who are possessing impeccable experience in technology driven platforms with 20 + years of experience in online industry has made this platform completely compatible for teachers, students and management as well.

Dedicated support team is working round the clock to train and guide the clients as per the situation demands, to resolve their issues and customized plug-ins.

Current Scenario

The discontinuity in the delivery of education is the core issue being deliberated upon, to find out possible solutions to utilize this period, when student/or every young generation have to concentrate on the education to lay foundation for better and successful future.


Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Having education in an area helps people think, feel, and behave in a way that contributes to their success, and improves not only their personal satisfaction but also their community.

LearnClue Solution

Students have a freedom to fix their careers and school as their overall development happens only by learning life skills and tools, which builds their formal learning like language & communication, flexibility etc.

Our program introduces the best virtual schooling which helps in creating personalized learning journeys for every individual as per their study patterns to enables the school to run the real time school in online mode.

We are offering skill enhancement program like Vedic math, abacus. In this program, we do not only teach the mathematics but we train the mind of your child to think differently. So apart from teaching Vedic math techniques, we also focus on mind development games and activities, which helps in developing the mind of the child.

Our Activity based program includes English language lab and Science lab in the tactile way of learning in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

Quality Results

The discontinuity in the delivery of education is the core issue being deliberated upon, to find out possible solutions to utilize this period, when student/or every young generation have to concentrate on the education to lay foundation for better and successful future.

Affordable Pricing

Courses we offer at learn clue are quite affordable even tier 2 cities in India. We have specific price packages for groups and bulk enrolments.


Learn clue associated clients will be provided a complete data of analytics – Student will compare performances of timely practiced session. Teacher – will have performance report of individual student. Analytics will help school management in which areas to concentrate to make the system more reliable to gain perfection

Easy To Use

Learn clue comes with user friendly mode of both mobile app and web based access to both students and parents. Completely guided by our tech support round the clock is available.



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