Abacus and its history in brief

Abacuses have been used at primary and secondary educational institutes in many countries across the world. They have proven to be an effective teaching method for numerical and arithmetical systems for over many centuries now. Dating its roots back to ancient Greece, today courses in abacus have been included in the academic curriculum of many tier 1 and tier 2 countries like China, Germany and Japan. An abacus is a basic instrument or an equipment utilized for performing fast number-crunching calculations. Use of an abacus to solve mathematical problems is no surprise. However, in this new age of technology, the concept is used for mainly mental development of a human brain.

Overall development with abacus

This instrument comprises a rectangular casing holding various vertically organized bars, on which dots slide up and down. By figuring out how to compute with an abacus, one can improve one's psychological count which will turn out to be quicker and more exact in performing huge number estimations. It lets one achieve an undeniable level of psychological expertise that goes through computations with a powerful calculation. Abacus‐based mental count (AMC) is an ability to conduct various mathematical procedures like addition, multiplication, division or subtraction using a mental image of the abacus instrument itself. Individuals doing long haul AMC preparation, show higher mathematical memory limits. This ability helps individuals recover memory to manage complex cycles to calculate. Which inturn results in less calculation time.

The primary goal behind LearnClue to introduce its advanced abacus learning application is to enhance mental ability and increase brain function of its students. Attaining the skill of mastering the abacus, not only helps in solving numericals but also helps in overall development in other academic studies.

Here is a list of few benefits of learning to use an abacus:

1. According to many renowned medical experts, the left half of the globe of the human brain, is alluded to as the computerized mind, which gives scientific data and controls composing, computation, consistent reasoning, and so on. Whereas, the right side of the brain, is alluded to as the simple cerebrum, that controls three-dimensional sense, innovativeness, and creative faculties. Science has demonstrated that ceaseless utilization of the abacus can build up the unused right-half of the cerebrum which adds to the entire mental health of people.

2. Learning to use an abacus during schooling, not just improves the arithmetic and generates interest in science, but it likewise assists with improving large scholastic expertise and assists with handling the everyday difficulties and lifts certain critical thinking limits.

3. An education in abacus has also been proven to help young children suffering from learning disabilities like Dyslexia, who need encouragement in perusing, spelling, and composing. As these kids learn through visuals, abacus helps improve their mathematical abilities. All these stand and back the regards to why the utilization of abacus is an unquestionable requirement for such students.

4. It empowers the kid to procure the abilities of focus, speed, precision, creative mind, advancement, inventiveness and also imbibe a photographic memory.

5. Finally and most importantly, it helps eradicate any fear of numbers and mathematics a young child may develop during their early schooling. They will be more open to choosing different scientific fields as their career choice.

Master abacus with LearnClue

Over the past year, the world has seen some drastic changes, pushing a majority of educational institutes to operate remotely. This further resulted in young minds being deprived of the vocational training which is much required for an overall cognitive development of growing human brains. Hence, we at LearnClue have come up with the indegious concept of making the abacus accessible to all through their devices. This advanced program will be one of its kind in the world. LearnClue is set to pioneer the world of education in this digital era via its advanced abacus learning application. In this application a child can access the abacus virtually. The student will be guided by experts through scheduled regular live sessions.

Once chosen us, all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your child learn with fun!

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